HPC and Cloud Converged Computing: Merging Infrastructures and Communities
DescriptionThe end of Dennard scaling and tapering of Moore’s law has led to economic conditions that favor cloud hyperscalers. Consequently, cloud is projected to be the largest sector of computing by revenue by 2025. The tremendous growth translates into substantial investment in research and development to manage the complexity of emerging systems. Cloud technologies such as elasticity, containerization and orchestration, and automation are gaining prevalence in HPC due to their abilities to manage new composite scientific workflows. Similarly, HPC techniques for performance optimization, scheduling, and fine-grained resource management are being integrated into the cloud to improve performance. The trend of integrating technologies from each community into the other leads to Converged Computing, an environment that combines the best capabilities from both worlds. In this highly interactive panel, we invite experts from industry, national laboratories, and academia to discuss their experiences with converged computing and share their views on its future.
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TimeWednesday, 15 November 20233:30pm - 5pm MST
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Heterogeneous Computing
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