Fourth International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software
DescriptionQuantum computing is emerging as a remarkable technology that promises to achieve major scientific breakthroughs. This includes solving complex problems whose solution lies well beyond contemporary and even future supercomputers based on conventional technologies. Interacting with these quantum computers, including noisy-intermediate scale quantum devices, for both basic and applied research will require a unique collection of software tools.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the innovative software needed to make quantum computing practical and accessible. The workshop will focus heavily on the tools and software for quantum computing with a particular emphasis on realized implementations.

Topics of interest for this workshop include but are not limited to: Languages, Compilers/Profilers, Quantum Machine Learning Software, Numerical Simulators, Workflows, Debugging/Verification, and Optimal Quantum Control Software.

Topics that are not relevant to the workshop include domain-specific applications of quantum computing, development of quantum computing hardware or devices, and benchmarking of quantum computers.
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TimeMonday, 13 November 20239am - 5:30pm MST
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