The Green500: Trends in Energy-Efficient Supercomputing
DescriptionWith power being a first-order design constraint on par with performance, it is important to measure and analyze energy-efficiency trends in supercomputing. To raise the awareness of greenness as a first-order design constraint, the Green500 seeks to characterize the energy-efficiency of supercomputers for different metrics, workloads, and methodologies. This BoF discusses trends across the Green500 and highlights from the current Green500 list. In addition, the Green500, Top500, and Energy Efficient HPC Working Group have been working together on improving power-measurement methodology, and this BoF presents recommendations for changes to sampling rates that will improve ease of submission without compromising accuracy.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeWednesday, 15 November 20235:15pm - 6:45pm MST
Energy Efficiency
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