Advanced Architecture "Playgrounds" – Past Lessons and Future Accesses of Testbeds
DescriptionTestbeds play a vital role in assessing the readiness of novel architectures for upcoming supercomputers for the exascale and post-exascale era. These testbeds also act as co-design hubs, enabling the collection of application operational requirements, while identifying critical gaps that need to be addressed for an architecture to become viable for HPC. Various research centers are actively deploying testbeds, and our aim is to build a community that facilitates the sharing of information, encouraging collaboration and understanding of the available evaluation resources. This BoF will facilitate the exchange of best practices, including testbed design, benchmarking, system evaluation, and availability.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeThursday, 16 November 202312:15pm - 1:15pm MST
Architecture and Networks
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