Navigating Complexity: Achieving Performance Portability in the Evolving Landscape of Heterogeneous HPC Systems
DescriptionWith increasing demand for AI in HPC, there has been an explosion in architectures, programming models, and AI frameworks. The already-daunting task of programming for heterogenous systems has become even more challenging. This BoF, organized by the IXPUG but not limited to Intel technology, will focus on portable programming across a wide variety of architectures running a diverse set of HPC, and AI workloads.

This BoF will explore challenges, state-of-the-art approaches, and emergent best practices for programming across heterogeneous systems and novel architectures, identifying common principles and practices that enable development and maintenance of software across sites, architectures, and applications.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeWednesday, 15 November 202312:15pm - 1:15pm MST
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