Machine Learning from the Data’s Perspective: Data-Centric AI for Scientific Computing
DescriptionThis BoF will spotlight the underemphasized role of inputs and data in machine learning (ML), contrasting the prevalent focus on hardware aspects. It invites the SC community to contribute insights in these areas: 1) the value proposition for data-centric AI in scientific computing; 2) foundation models for the long tail of science; 3) the role of benchmarks in data-centric AI. To foster interactive dialogue, we will facilitate discussions, conduct live polling, and arrange short breakout sessions. These activities will enable participants to delve into the practical implications of data-centric AI, benchmarking, and contributing to scientific foundation models.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeTuesday, 14 November 20235:15pm - 6:45pm MST
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
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