Defining the Quantum Accelerated Supercomputer
DescriptionSupercomputing architectures based on GPU acceleration have greatly improved our scientific computing workflows and applications over the past decade. Quantum computing has recently been proposed as a potential addition to this heterogeneous compute architecture, serving as another node-level accelerator to continue problem scalability in domains such as quantum many-body physics and artificial intelligence. As stand-alone quantum processing units (QPUs) continue to evolve and improve, the applied computational science community is left to wonder - how do we build, program, and deploy large-scale quantum-classical heterogeneous architectures that incorporate both GPUs and QPUs? In this talk, we will demonstrate how NVIDIA is leveraging its current suite of multi-GPU platforms to define and deploy the NVIDIA quantum platform. We will highlight three components specifically that together constitute this quantum platform: (1) the cuQuantum multi-GPU quantum computer simulation libraries, (2) the CUDA Quantum programming model and compilation platform, and (3) the DGX Quantum tightly-coupled quantum-classical compute node. This talk will present the NVIDIA vision for quantum computing and how it fits into existing heterogeneous computing, how we are accelerating quantum algorithms research and development today with NVIDIA GPU platforms, and our vision for GPU-accelerated error correction and fault-tolerance.
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Exhibitor Forum
TimeTuesday, 14 November 20234:30pm - 5pm MST
Programming Frameworks and System Software
Quantum Computing
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