AI Factory: How to Scale and Deploy
DescriptionGenerative AI is quickly becoming mainstream and everyone wants a slice of the AI pie. Led by an AI and HPC expert from Penguin Solutions, this exhibitor forum will explore what it takes to deliver AI to the masses – from cost to management of running AI architectures. The speaker will discuss options available for companies to scale their AI infrastructure, including renting AI factories in the cloud with a pay-as-you-go model versus building an AI factory of your own.

Two of the most important questions without a doubt have to be around cost and management of running AI architectures. Audience members will come away from this forum with real-world insights that they can apply directly to whatever their current AI setup is. This technical deep dive will also go in-depth on the tools you can implement, like Penguin Computing TrueHPC that can be used with AI solutions to easily build complex, high-performance environments across the many facets of your IT infrastructure.

Want to learn about the pros and cons of building an AI factory in the cloud and using a pay-as-you-go model? Or are you more interested in buying or building your very own AI factory? How does cost and performance factor into all of this? This forum will answer all of those questions and more and leave audience members with actionable takeaways that will have the power to positively impact current AI operations. We’re throwing away the notion that you have to be an established enterprise with deep pockets to run AI models and empower the supercomputing community.
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Exhibitor Forum
TimeTuesday, 14 November 20232pm - 2:30pm MST
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
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