Hybrid Quantum-HPC at LRZ
DescriptionAs quantum computing (QC) matures and scales, it’s placement and alignment as part of the high-performance computing (HPC) realm more clearly comes into focus. Qubit-based calculations pledge an additional acceleration capability and the possibility to address previously intractable computation science challenges. Upcoming quantum-enabled HPC systems are leveraging many best practices garnered from decades of development in supercomputing, including workflows, standards, and programming tools. At the same time, necessary divergences and augmentations are under development to bridge bit-qubit synergies including run-time compilation, long optimization times, statistical evaluations of results, hybrid scheduling and resource management, and the need to work with few centralized resources.

In this exhibitor presentation, the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences will overview and highlight its multi-dimensional efforts to provide, merge and optimize various forms of quantum accelerators into its HPC systems. Our efforts drive the hybrid software development of the Munich Quantum Software Stack – the unifying software stack of the Munich Quantum Valley for its regionally-developed quantum modalities for superconducting materials, ions and atoms – and its mission to fold them into current and upcoming HPC systems. Our efforts expand from MQV through national efforts including Germany’s first quantum demonstrator named Q-Exa with the Finnish/German company IQM, currently being seated at LRZ. Additionally, with the upcoming placement of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking superconducting system, Euro-Q-Exa, this effort expands to the European landscape and alignment to several HPC centers across the continent to forward quantum-HPC.

This talk describes our vision and research for an integrated ecosystem that combines existing HPC and evolving quantum software stacks into a single system to enable a common and continuous user experience for the benefit of next-generation science and industry results.
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Exhibitor Forum
TimeTuesday, 14 November 20233:30pm - 4pm MST
Programming Frameworks and System Software
Quantum Computing
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