Scalable and Adaptable Architectures for AI/HPC Advancement
DescriptionAI/Machine Learning usage is exploding in both application and model size. Predictive analytics, physics, modeling, and new use cases for generative AI/ML are increasing model sizes by 10x every 18 months. The custom processors and accelerators used for AI/ML require continually higher I/O bandwidth to address this model growth. However, how does one deploy a high-performance architecture that is scalable and adaptable through time to address this phenomenon? The panel will discuss the architectures, I/O and large-scale system topologies that will be needed to grow well beyond 200 billion parameters. You will gain insights into system concepts, scaled across workload size, that are both cost-effective from a new configurability perspective as well as a focus on energy-efficiency. Is there a new Billion Parameters per Watt metric? These are the topics the panel will discuss and debate.
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TimeThursday, 16 November 20231:30pm - 3pm MST
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
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