Transfer Learning Workflow for High-Quality I/O Bandwidth Prediction with Limited Data
DescriptionThe I/O performance prediction is challenging due to multiple intertwined variables inside a cluster. This situation makes I/O performance prediction a strong candidate for using machine learning because of the complex variables involved. However, making a high-quality prediction requires a large amount of equivalent-quality data, and collecting it is a big challenge for most data centers.

In this project, we explore transfer learning to predict the I/O performance by utilizing the publicly available I/O performance data in Darshan logs from the NCSA's Blue Waters supercomputer. We devise a workflow to train a neural network model as a base to predict the POSIX I/O bandwidth of other clusters (CLAIX18 and Theta). With less than 1% of the data needed to build the base model, our experiment shows that our transfer learning workflow can predict the I/O bandwidth of another system with a mean absolute error better or equivalent to the state-of-the-art.
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TimeTuesday, 14 November 202310am - 5pm MST
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