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Event TypeWorkshop
TimeMonday, 13 November 20239am - 12:30pm MST
Data Analysis, Visualization, and Storage
Large Scale Systems
Programming Frameworks and System Software
Resource Management
Runtime Systems
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9:00am - 9:01am MSTThe 18th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (WORKS23)
9:01am - 9:05am MSTWelcome - Part II
9:05am - 9:37am MSTFAIRIST of Them All: Meeting Researchers Where They Are With Just-in-Time, FAIR Implementation Advice
9:37am - 9:55am MSTA Data Science Pipeline Synchronization Method for Edge-Fog-Cloud Continuum
9:55am - 10:25am MSTWORKS23 – Morning Break
10:25am - 10:43am MSTTaskVine: Managing In-Cluster Storage for High-Throughput Data Intensive Workflows
10:43am - 10:53am MSTLeveraging Large Language Models to Build and Execute Computational Workflows
10:53am - 11:11am MSTDelivering Rules-Based Workflows for Science
11:11am - 11:29am MSTJulia as a Unifying End-to-End Workflow Language on the Frontier Exascale System
11:29am - 11:39am MSTScaling on Frontier: Uncertainty Quantification Workflow Applications Using ExaWorks to Enable Full System Utilization
11:39am - 11:57am MSTDistributed Data Locality-Aware Job Allocation
11:57am - 12:15pm MSTFluxion: A Scalable Graph-Based Resource Model for HPC Scheduling Challenges
12:15pm - 12:25pm MSTThe Common Workflow Scheduler Interface: Status Quo and Future Plans
12:25pm - 12:30pm MSTWrap Up – Part II