Lightning Vendor Talk: The InspireSemi Next Gen Thunderbird Compute Accelerator for HPC, AI, and Graph Analytics
DescriptionDoug will give an overview of Austin-based InspireSemi’s disruptive next generation Thunderbird compute accelerator targeting HPC and graph analytics applications. This RISC-V based “supercomputer-cluster-on-a-chip” packs 1,536 high performance CPU cores (all FP64 double-precision of their own design) onto a single SOC, and the initial product will be a PCIe card with 4 Thunderbird chips, delivering >6,000 FP64 cores. For maximum/predictable performance and low latency, these CPU cores are all interconnected with their high speed mesh network fabric which can connect up to 256 Thunderbird chips. After >3 years of customer-driven development, the chip is in final verification and will tape out in November to TSMC.
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TimeMonday, 13 November 20232:45pm - 2:50pm MST
Architecture and Networks
Hardware Technologies
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