Runtimes and Workflow Systems for Extreme Heterogeneity: Challenges and Opportunities
DescriptionExtreme heterogeneity is defined as one of the most important priority research directions today. Additionally, the applications are expected to grow in complexity to enable progress in multiple areas of science, technology and engineering. This urges consideration of hardware/software co-design to facilitate the adoption of emerging technologies. With such a scenario in mind, the opportunities lie in designing new features in runtimes and workflows. This panel aims to debate how future systems will look. Advances in this matter are key to executing science workflows and understanding their results, enabling efficient execution on diverse platforms, ensuring scalability of high-level descriptions of analytics workflows, and increasing user productivity and system utilization. In other words, how easily and rapidly a science team can develop or port a workflow to a new platform, and how well the resulting implementation makes use of the platform and its resources.
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TimeTuesday, 14 November 20233:30pm - 5pm MST
Heterogeneous Computing
Runtime Systems
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