Superconducting Digital Computing in HPC
DescriptionSuperconducting digital computing (SDC) has significant potential to preserve performance scaling for a wide range of HPC applications due to its tens to hundreds of GHz operating frequencies coupled with low dynamic energy. The current limitations of the technology such as device density, EDA tools, data movement, and cooling are active areas of research with promising directions. This, combined with studies that designed SDC accelerators for compute-intensive applications, hint that SDC may play an important role in HPC, though significant work remains to show the best integration strategy with HPC systems and on-sensor processing. In this panel, we invite experts from the superconducting community to discuss SDC’s ecosystem, how SDC may be used in practice in future systems, and the positive impact SDC can have to the performance and efficiency of key HPC applications.
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TimeWednesday, 15 November 202310:30am - 12pm MST
Hardware Technologies
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