Immersion Cooling: 3 Considerations You Should Care about and Real-World Deployment Experiences
DescriptionAs the world increasingly relies on a new era of high-wattage CPU and GPU platforms to deliver HPC and AI breakthroughs, deploying and cooling these systems within traditional data centers presents a problem. This panel will discuss the need to create more sustainable deployment environments and how immersion cooling is a critical piece to this puzzle.

Join expert panelists in a discussion about the following three considerations: 1) Cost, 2) Available Options, and 3) Service/Support/Warranty Implications. The panel will discuss why out with the old (cooling with fans) and in with the immersive (immersing HPC and AI servers into high-tech non-conductive fluid) is a sustainable option for the future of modern data centers. Most people can agree on one thing – driving rack density and cooling of high-wattage processors presents a new set of challenges. The good news? We have options! Join our SC23 panel to learn more.
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TimeFriday, 17 November 20238:30am - 10am MST
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Energy Efficiency
Hardware Technologies
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