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Evaluating the Performance Portability of SYCL across CPUs and GPUs on Bandwidth-Bound Applications
DescriptionWe evaluate the portability of the SYCL programming model on some of the latest CPUs and GPUs from a wide range of vendors, utilizing the two main compilers: DPC++ and hipSYCL/OpenSYCL. Both compilers currently support GPUs from all three major vendors; we evaluate performance on the Intel(R) Data Center GPU Max 1100, the NVIDIA A100 GPU, and the AMD MI250X GPU. Support on CPUs currently is less established, with DPC++ only supporting Intel CPUs through OpenCL, however, OpenSYCL does have an OpenMP backend capable of targeting all modern CPUs; we benchmark the Intel Xeon Platinum 8360Y Processor (Ice Lake), the AMD EPYC 7V73X (Milan-X), and the Ampere Altra platforms. We study a range of primarily bandwidth-bound applications implemented using the OPS and OP2 DSLs, evaluate different formulations in SYCL, and contrast their performance to “native” programming approaches where available (CUDA/HIP/OpenMP).
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TimeMonday, 13 November 202311:25am - 11:44am MST
Performance Measurement, Modeling, and Tools
Performance Optimization
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