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Workshop: 2023 International Workshop on Performance, Portability, and Productivity in HPC (P3HPC)
Event TypeWorkshop
TimeMonday, 13 November 20239am - 12:30pm MST
Performance Measurement, Modeling, and Tools
Performance Optimization
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9:00am - 9:03am MSTP3HPC – Welcome and Introduction
9:03am - 9:22am MSTA Performance-Portable SYCL Implementation of CRK-HACC for Exascale
9:22am - 9:41am MSTPerformance Evaluation of Heterogeneous GPU Programming Frameworks for Hemodynamic Simulations
9:41am - 10:00am MSTPerformance Portability Evaluation of Blocked Stencil Computations on GPUs
10:00am - 10:30am MSTP3HPC – Morning Break
10:30am - 10:39am MSTBenchmarking a Portable Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics Kernel Written in Kokkos and MPI
10:39am - 10:48am MSTMatRIS: Multilevel Math Library Abstraction for Heterogeneity and Performance Portability Using IRIS Runtime
10:48am - 10:57am MSTPorting Batched Iterative Solvers onto Intel GPUs with SYCL
10:57am - 11:16am MSTEvaluating the Performance of One-Sided Communication on CPUs and GPUs
11:16am - 11:25am MSTPerformance Portability of Programming Strategies for Nearest-Neighbor Communication with GPU-Aware MPI
11:25am - 11:44am MSTEvaluating the Performance Portability of SYCL across CPUs and GPUs on Bandwidth-Bound Applications
11:44am - 12:03pm MSTCuPBoP-AMD: Extending CUDA to AMD Platforms
12:03pm - 12:12pm MSTHigh-Level GPU Code: A Case Study Examining JAX and OpenMP
12:12pm - 12:21pm MSTMany Cores, Many Models: GPU Programming Model vs. Vendor Compatibility Overview
12:21pm - 12:30pm MSTP3HPC – Wrapup