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Porting Batched Iterative Solvers onto Intel GPUs with SYCL
DescriptionBatched linear solvers play a vital role in computational sciences, especially in the fields of plasma physics and combustion simulations. With the imminent deployment of the Aurora Supercomputer and other upcoming systems equipped with Intel GPUs, there is a compelling demand to expand the capabilities of these solvers for Intel GPU architectures.

We present our efforts in porting and optimizing the batched iterative solvers on Intel GPUs using the SYCL programming model. These new solvers achieve impressive performance on the Intel GPU Max 1550s (Ponte Vecchio GPUs) which surpass our previous CUDA implementation on NVIDIA H100 GPUs by an average of 2.4x for the PeleLM application inputs. The batched solvers are ready for production use in real-world scientific applications through the Ginkgo library, complementing the performance portability of the batched functionality of Ginkgo.
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TimeMonday, 13 November 202310:48am - 10:57am MST
Performance Measurement, Modeling, and Tools
Performance Optimization
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