Evaluating HPX and Kokkos on RISC-V Using an Astrophysics Application Octo-Tiger
DescriptionIn recent years, computers based on the RISC-V architecture have raised broad interest in the high-performance computing (HPC) community. As the RISC-V community develops the core instruction set architecture (ISA) along with ISA extensions, the HPC community has been actively ensuring HPC applications and environments are supported. In this context, assessing the performance of asynchronous many-task runtime systems (AMT) is important. We describe our experience with porting of a full 3D adaptive mesh-refinement, multi-scale, multi-model, and multi-physics application, Octo-Tiger, that is based on the HPX AMT, and we explore its performance characteristics on different RISC-V systems. The demonstrated results confirm that Octo-Tiger shows good scaling behavior on all tested systems. We, however, expect that exceptional hardware support based on dedicated ISA extensions (such as single-cycle context switches, extended atomic operations, and direct support for HPX's global address space) would allow for even better performance results.
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TimeMonday, 13 November 20233:50pm - 4:10pm MST
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